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The Story of a Successful Coconut Shell craftman in Kampung Batok Tanjungsari Blitar City

Kampung Batok Tanjungsari. The unique aesthetic handicraft from Blitar Indonesia. Tanjungsari coconut shell village is located in Tanjungsari, Sukorej

The Story of a Successful Coconut Shell craftman in Kampung Batok Tanjungsari Blitar City Hadi
Craft Batok Bags 

Although he has succeeded in producing his shell bags, he still has problems in marketing. At that time, not many people knew about crafting shell bags. Then six months later, his homemade shell bags were sold well. He marketed the shell bag to souvenir merchants who used to stand at the Bung Karno Cemetery.

He told, "The initial idea was to make shell bags was come from neighbors. There were neighbors who used to sell souvenirs at Bung Karno's tomb. They had merchandise in shell bags. From there, I was inspired making craft bags of shells,".

He acknowledged the process of making a shell bag took a long process. The longest process were the cutting and drilling stage. After being cut and drilled, the formed shell was mashed using sandpaper, then lacquered.

After that just paste it in the media that has been prepared. To make a shell bag, it required other additives such as paperboard, cloth, and zippers.

"It must be patient to make shell bags," he said.

His tenacity and persistence of making the craft shell bags pay off. Now the craft of his shell bag is growing rapidly.

Orders for shell bags from outside the region continue to flow every month, starting from Bali, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Aceh, Sulawesi, to Kalimantan Indonesia.

Technology development makes the marketing of shell bags reaching overseas at present. He markets his batok or coconut shell bag through social media. As a result, many Indonesian workers abroad are ordering shell bags in their places and reselling it in overseas.

The countries are from Hong Kong, Singapore, the Netherlands, even to Russia.

The production of shell bags continues to grow. Everyday, he produces about 50-75 shell bags. The number of workers also increased to 43 people. Almost the workers are his neighbors. Not only bags, but he also produces key chains, tissue boxes, and lighting places.

Penulis: Samsul Hadi
Editor: Adrianus Adhi
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