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Coconut Shell Craft from Tanjungsari Village Blitar City, Now Became Famous in Indonesia

Coconut Shell Craft from Tanjungsari, Now became famous in Indonesia and Overseas

Coconut Shell Craft from Tanjungsari Village Blitar City, Now Became Famous in Indonesia, Blitar - Do you know about coconut shell? Now the coconut shell can be used as a craft that makes money.

Tanjungsari Village, Sukorejo Sub-district, Blitar City, now famous because of batok craft (coconut shell craft) and called as batok craft village. Many kind of craft made from coconut shell waste produced in that village.

Ismarofi (43), is one of the figure who made the Tanjungsari village known as batok village. Father that has two children is the first person that pioneered making batok crafts in his environment. Now, batok craft is one of the product superior in Blitar City.

"When I started this business, I just thought that I wanted to make a craft that can give benefits to local communities," said Rofi, a nickname from Ismarofi when he was met at his house, RT 2 RW 9 Tanjungsari Village, Sukorejo Sub-district, Blitar City.

Rofi make his house as a production place that has many kinds of batok crafts. Start from backyard to terrace of the house, it looks a number of workers are making crafts made from batok (coconut shell).

Behind the house, there is one worker is cutting coconut shell to be part small. On the side yard is place for workers veneer and dry half-finished crafts. On the side terrace and front of the house, there are some women are stringing batok into purses.

"I have some type crafts from coconut shell, but the main one is purses craft made from coconut shell," he said.

Since 1999, Rofi began to pursue the craft of batok bags. With debt capital of Rp. 2 million, he bought tools such as saws sitting and drills to start making batok bags. For more than three months, he learned how to cut and drill coconut shells so they could be assembled into bags.

Rofi learns to make self-taught batok craft. His experience as carpenter become the capital of polishing batok waste into crafts of high artistic value. At that time, he made batok craft by himself.

Although it has succeeded in producing batok bags, he still has problems in marketing. At that time, there is no many people know the craft batok bags. Six month later, batok bags made by him sell well. He markets the batok bags to souvenir traders who usually sell at the Bung Karno cemetery.

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