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The workers in Kampung Batik Turi Blitar are Housewives

Housewives who live on Turi Street, Sukorejo, Blitar City are used to batik crafts. Blitar Government is inaugurated

The workers in Kampung Batik Turi Blitar are Housewives Hadi
Riders pass alongside batik paintings on the walls of residents' houses in Batik Turi Tourism Village, Jalan Turi, Blitar City, Monday (10/15/2018). 

In fact, almost every house along the road has batik crafts. Housewives who previously only took care of their families now have a side job to make batik like Osa and Emi do.

The village atmosphere have felt as batik vilage since entering the road gate. In front of the road, there is a gate that written 'Kampung Wisata Batik Turi'. Once inside the gate, batik paintings were seen on walls of the building.

Eti Rohaiti, Secretary of Batik Kembang Turi, said that currently there were only 25 citizens who were members of the Batik Kembang Turi. The average members were housewives.

"Almost every house along this road has Batik crafts," he said.

Kampung Wisata Batik Turi ( Batik Turi village) produced some types of batik fabric products including batik tulis (hand-drawn batik), batik cap (stamped batik), and batik jumput (tie-dye batik). However, the characteristic of Batik Turi Tourism Village was its motives. Batik Turi Tourism Village batik motifs was named Turi flowers and koi fish.

The turi flower motif is taken from the name of the urban village. The koi fish motif is a characteristic of Blitar City as a producer of Koi fish. In addition, craftperson also make other batik motifs, such as kendang jimbe , hibiscus, and star fruit. A number of motifs are also typical or characteristic of Blitar City.

"The main characteristic of batik in this Batik Turi Tourism Village was the motif of Turi flower and Koi fish.For example, we made a batik Kendang Jimbe motif and also we still gave the motif of Turi flower and Koi fish," he said.

According to Eti, the price was still affordable. He sold batik starting at Rp. 130,000. The products were sold on media online. He mentioned, "We hoped that this batik tourism village could become a batik learning place for Blitar Citizen”.


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